Okechukwu says The actualisation of Biafra is not feasible

Osita Okechukwu prompted Igbos to be set up for administration in 2023

The VON executive general noticed that the likelihood of accomplishing Biafra was passed away in 2014

He said the current political circumstance makes it unfeasible to accomplish Biafra

Osita Okechukwu has said that the likelihood of accomplishing Biafra was vanquished in 2014 amid the Goodluck Jonathan-drove national gathering.

The nation has seen a reestablished fomentation for the freedom of an indigenous Biafra state with the most recent endeavor being a sit-at-home dissent composed in the south east on Friday, September 23.

Vanguard reports that Okechukwu who is the executive general of the Voice of Nigeria talked at the Abuja part of the Ohaneze Ndigbo on Wednesday, September 28 where he said the Igbo country was not joined which was the reason there was no consistent voice to vote in its backing amid the Jonathan gathering.

He said: "The choice to vote against the arrival to territorial government at the last national gathering and the way that the Igbo country were not joined in the fomentation makes the Biafran unsettling hard to figure it out."

"On the off chance that we should let ourselves know reality, the best deterrent to the completion of Biafra, was incredibly exhibited by progressive national gatherings; the Abacha Conference and Jonathan Conference. In each of the two meetings, the issue of locale was voted against by Enugu and Ebonyi states.

"The Jonathan Conference of 2014, for occurrence, was comprised of master Biafra components whom a ton had expected will bolster regionalism as a prelude to severance. Different states like Ogun, Lagos, Bayelsa, Cross River and greater part of Northern states rejected regionalism. To top it all, the Jonathan Conference suggested the making of more than 50 states."

Okechukwu prompted the Igbos to treat with alert considering that an Igbo administration was looking attainable in 2023 after the north may have finished its presidential term.

"The disturbance for Biafra sounds as a decent music, much fun and fuzzy as though it is the main course to Eldorado. This is false as a few of us who lived in the dead Biafra enclave can describe. The inquiry one had constantly postured is, can Biafra be accomplished by means of popular government or by power? The vast majority one had examined with had dependably let me know it will be accomplished by means of tranquil means, which at the end of the day implies vote based system."

He noticed that at the World Igbo day in 2004, papers were exhibited such that the UN was preparing the application for a free Biafra.

"This is over 10 years and the fitting inquiry stays at what stage is our application?"

In the interim, as a follow-up to their past explanation the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) issued one more message to President Muhammadu Buhari concerning his position on the submission for Biafra freedom and fraudulent backing of self-sufficiency for Palestine.

The announcement marked by Emma Powerful, the IPOB's representative, peruses to a limited extent: "Buhari made a discourse in the United Nations that little countries ought to be allowed self-sufficiency and that Palestine ought to be made out of Israel however back home in Nigeria, he requested the executing of unarmed regular people and individuals from IPOB who were utilizing quiet intends to request their opportunity.