Real reason why Nigerian Army retired 38 senior officers

Not very far in the past, the Nigerian Army power resigned a few commanders, colonels and others saying they were included in deceptive practices– This report however finds an alternate reason the 38 officers were sent away and why they are presently in court against the Army

all of a sudden resigned 38 senior officers and days after the fact, the Army representative, Sani Usman, was cited in an announcement as saying that the influenced officers were asked to take a hike in connection to arms obtainment extortion and expert wrongdoing amid the 2015 elections.Premium Times says it has now found the genuine reasons no less than 22 of the senior warriors were laid off by the Army powers without inquiry or prosecution by any board.

The report said the reasons were found in some official archives recorded by the Army in court.It states that Major-General Nwokoro Ijioma (N/8304) was blamed for unlawful offer of 17 military vehicles, while Major-General Ohifeme Ejemai (N/8340 and Brigadier-General and AS Saad (N/8392) were necessarily resigned for extortion and cash laundering.

The archives additionally uncovered that Brigadier-General LM Bello (N/8799) was resigned for arms obtainment (misrepresentation)/contortion and partisanship while three other Brigadier Generals, An Onibasa (N/9072), D Abdulsalam (N/9165) and Idam Agachi (N/8780) were resigned in light of the fact that they occupied with demonstrations of debasement.

Agachi additionally had IRS evasion appended to his affirmed offense while Colonels Peter Ekpeyong (N/8730), OU Nwankwo (N/9678), Feyisetan Kayode (N/9344), MA Suleiman (N10030) and Tobiah Minimah (N/10185), were influenced by claimed indiscipline like Lt Colonels, DB Dazang (N/10414) and TE Arigbe (N/10416).Tobiah Minimah, a sibling of a previous Army Chief, Kenneth Minimah, concurring toPremium Times, was professedly required in decision issues Colonels DR Hassan (N/9909), CK Ukoha (N/10319) and Timothy Oladuntoye (N/10338).

Colonels Chinonye Amadi (N10359), OA Ochankpa (N/10419), KO Adimoha (N/10421) A Mohammed (N/10659) and Abubakar Mohammed (N/10662) were purportedly blamed for inclusion in race matters.Currently, 22 of the released officers are said to have prosecuted the Army since they were not made to confront any disciplinary board before they were chopped out. They have even kept in touch with President Muhammadu Buhari whining that Army powers broke laws in closure their professions suddenly.

The report cited one of the influenced officers as saying the charges are new to them."Nobody ever specified it or blamed any for us, in any event not me, before we were dismissed,"the military officer purportedly said.The report recorded the fifteen officers as Ijioma and Ejemai (Major Generals); Messrs. Saad, Bello, Abdulsalam, and Agachi (Brigadier Generals); Messrs Nwankwo, Minimah, Ukoha, Oladuntoye, and Suleiman (Colonels); and Messrs Ochankpa, Adimoha, A. Mohammed, and Abubakar Mohammed (Lieutenant Colonels).