Abdulmumin Jibrin reveals how lawmakers allegedly loot the treasury

He made this new charges in his freedom message to Nigerians which he shared on his Facebook divider today

'I will praise the 56th freedom of Nigeria by further uncovering systemic defilement utilizing running cost/stipends of the House of Representatives. The sum (around 10 million naira) got month to month at present by individuals is the minimum since the administration of this extortion called running expense began.

At different time in the past Hon Members have gotten between around 10 to 20 million naira averagely every month and frequently take the cash. Iam found of telling my partners in the House that exclusive global footballers like Mikel Obi are known not procure such epic sum month to month.

A grimy means was contrived to get part of the four-year total of such cash in advance. So a part can take up to 200 to 400 million naira on the double. No body is stating cash ought not be assigned to run exercises of individuals. The issue is that the cash is redirected for individual use, period!

You can now comprehend my failure, dissatisfaction and displeasure when I listened to the indecent Chair Ethics, Hon Osai and Media, Hon Namdas and law breakers like Hon Hembe, guarding the way that I was suspended on the grounds that i erroneously assert there exists systemic debasement in the House-Fraudsters!

They open their stinking mouths and discuss guarding the organization of the House as though they are not the ones that have and are pulverizing the foundation. The running cost stipends misrepresentation is the thing that Speaker Dogara used to coerce individuals to get bolster and disregard all the intolerable charges I raised.

All Speaker Dogara did was to implicitly debilitate individuals at the council gatherings the night prior to our resumption by helping them to remember the running cost they stash. That was the reason when Prof Bolaji Owasanoye and his partners at PACC asked me for what good reason are my associates quiet, I replied the vast majority of them (us) are "recipients".

In the event that Mr President had hopped into the matter at the early stage, trust Nigerians, they would have presumed that the Presidency is utilizing me to battle the House. Such observation and extortion would have been hard to manage. The quiet of Mr President on this matter is a surprisingly positive development.

Anyone who can achieve Mr President ought to educate him that even with a few dangers to my life and that of my family, one of the security office had sudden pulled back their officers ensuring me. This has made me defenseless even with such relentless dangers. I have however taken my predetermination in my own hands. It is a battle iam focused on and no measure of dangers or terrorizing will dissuade me.

I will utilize this period to change over my journal into a book, educate at the college and enlist for a moment PhD with examination concentrate on Economic Diversification.

Kindred Nigerians, much thanks for all the backing, upbeat 56th freedom and may God Almighty favor you and favor Nigeria, Amen!