Dino Melaye Asks Buhari to Grant Presidential Pardon/Amnesty to Treasury Looters

Congressperson Dino Melaye had approached President Muhammadu Buhari to give presidential exculpate and pardon for treasury raiders as indicated by the Vanguard.

Melaye in articulation on Sunday said, "However an unrepentant supporter for trustworthiness and candor particularly from open office holders, I however truly need to prescribe that Mr. President gift Presidential Amnesty/Pardon to every one of the individuals who plundered our treasury gave they give back all returns of their plunder to the administration inside six (6) months of the affirmation of the Amnesty.

"This, I accept will energize the intentional return of the plundered assets, engage the administration fiscally to quickly begin the usage of activities and projects that will fortify the economy and raise the people groups' way of life, and recovery the legal and other law requirement organizations the desolation of unproductively seeking after the thieves all through the courts.

"Over the long haul, this would be a win-win circumstance for both the administration and individuals of Nigeria," he said.

"At the lapse of the six months' 'Ban', each one of the individuals who neglected to agree would then be made to confront the truth of forceful and speedy arraignment and possible prison terms for convicts as per the traditions that must be adhered to", he said.

'His Excellency and Distinguished' from the names of President, Vice president, Governors and Senators individually.

"In such manner, I suggest that consequently no President, Vice President, Governor, or Deputy Governor ought to answer the name 'His Excellency' until the material state of common Nigerians has additionally gotten to be 'Superb'.

No Senator ought to keep on answering "Recognized" until the masses of the general population start to encounter a recognized presence and no Federal or state Legislator ought to wear the identification of 'Good Member' until the standard subject is himself carrying on with an existence that can be ordered Honorable in each material specific.